cedros Manufaktur für Fachbereichslösungen und IT-Infrastrukturen

We are convinced that there is always a clear solution to every problem - however complex this problem might be.

This is the vision we have been dedicated to.

Everything we do follows the concept of manufactory.

We aspire with dedication to innovation and quality.

Confidence in our customers and in our staff is the basis of our work.

Our approach is always holistic: In everything we do we have always your business, your strategy and your aims in mind.

We craft precisely working, tailored solutions for departments and IT infrastructures.

For 25 years.

The Craftsmen for Tailored IT Solutions and Infrastructures

Wir sind Strategischer Lieferant für RWE
Application Management bei der DVAG
Elektronische Behördenauskunft bei Eplus
Strategische Beratung zu IBM Lotus Notes Domino bei SCHOTT

We just recently launched our new web page. We really like the result of the German version. To make sure we will also have such a nice page for the English version we are currently busy creating them carefully. This will take a few more days. 

Until then you can browse through the German version and come and visit us again soon to take a look at our brand new English version, too.