c.-SAMM: cedros Software Analysis & Meassurement Method

The Crucial Knowledge About Your Lotus Notes Applications


Strategic Lotus Notes Projects Require Only One Ingredient: The ability to decide well informed!

No matter if migration, consolidation, outsourcing or web-enablement: In an application environment grown over many years there can be versatile stumbling blocks that can give you a hard time in every single project phase. This is what we address with the „cedros Software Analysis & Measurement Method“ (c.-SAMM), our software-driven method.

With c.-SAMM we offer our experiences from 25 years of software development in the collaboration environment and enable you to quickly make feasability considerations as well as precise budgeting and efficient risk management.

The Power of c.-SAMM

c.-SAMM is the abbreviation for „cedros Software Analysis & Measurement Method“ and delivers the essential ingredient for projects around the Lotus Notes environment: The ability to decide well informed! The modular architecture enables consolidated findings within the shortest time:

- Measurement of the infrastructure
- User- and access behavior
- Composition of applications
- Consolidation of applications
- All applications source code analysis


  • Calculate risks basing on facts.

  • Receive independent results due to a software based analysis.

  • Precise data provides you with reliable project planning and budgeting.

  • Allowing you to plan individual, alternative business cases.

Use Cases

  • Estimate migration costs

  • Identify unused databases

  • Reduce obsolete source code

  • Web-enable existing applications

  • Discover security vulnerabilities

  • Plan outsourcing scenarios

  • Analyze upgradability of your code

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Philipp Königs
Managing DIrector

+49(0)2241 8834 16

The modular Architecture of c.-SAMM

Module 1: Measuring the application landscape

Our tools scan any server available and initially capture the applications. The result is a holistic application catalog showing which application is a data container or contains independent selfdeveloped business logic.

Module 2: Analyzing the source code of relevant applications

Business critical applications are the core value of any application environment. After these applications have been captured reliably in module 1, the source code of this applications is measured in module 2 in order to constitute relevant facts.

Module 3: Customer-specific reporting and answers to individual questions

In module 3 we refer the measurement results in the context of the problem, meaning that we deliver different reports for different audiences in the company or sections. Data with graphical support for an easy understanding.

Module 4: Precise project planning, budgeting and risk management

We utilize the unit of „function points“, which shall make the software development process calculable. The functional scope makes development projects comparable - but esspecially we can appraise the expected migration costs very quickly, considerably and in an early project phase.

Our Customers about c.-SAMM

CWS-boco International

c.-SAMM enabled us to perform a fast-start in our consolodation project. Accompanying the analysis tools, the method quickly delivered results. The project team around c.-SAMM works efficiently and is competent.

O. Pohl
Manager Communications

Bayer CropScience

The c.-SAMM analysis was the fast way for us for an evaluation of the expected project costs. Anyone who needs a consolidated component for evaluating the tender phase will surely not be disappointed.

Gerhard Gripp
Head of Enterprise Information Management


The measurement with c.-SAMM vastly helped us to evaluate the costs of migration scenarios realistically. Additionally, the analysis assisted us to indicate possible savings.

Dr. P. Hartmann
IT Product Manager


c.-SAMM helped us to raise a correct base for our consolidation- and respectively our migration project. Their analysis brought the required "comfortability-factor" into the project. We would choose this approach any time again in the future.

M. Kleinhans


With c.-SAMM Cedros is the market leader. Our project went remarkably will and the analysis tools they used have been very helpful. c.-SAMM helped us to move us the essential step forward in our project proposition.

T. Hoffmann
Vice President

Deutsche Vermögensberatung

c.-SAMM offers any performance feature needed for a strategic review of IBM Lotus Notes applications. It enabled us a quick start of our consolidation project due to its modular and sophisticated architecture. Clear recommendation from us!

C. Glanz