Data protection declaration

Data protection and data security, particularly during use of our website as well, are very important to us at CEDROS. Therefore, we undertake to protect your privacy and to treat your data confidentially. We will collect and use your personal data only within the scope of the stipulations of the Data Protection Law in the Federal Republic of Germany. In the following we inform you about the nature, scope and purposes of the collection and use of personal data. You can retrieve this information on our website at any time.

What are personal data?

Personal data are individual pieces of information concerning personal or material relations of a defined or definable natural person (§ 3 parag.1German Data Protection Act BDSG). Information where we, by making the information anonymous for example, are unable to draw any link to your person (or are able to do so only after disproportionate effort) does not, on the other hand, constitute personal data.

Inventory data

If any contractual relationship between you and us is to be established, textually drafted, or modified, we will collect and use personal data from you, provided that this is required for these purposes (so-called inventory data). These are, for example, title, last name and first name, address, date of birth, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, fax numbers, credit card number, bank details plus information about the products and services used by you. 

Usage data

As far as this is required, we will collect and use personal data from you in order to enable or to bill use of our Internet offering (so-called usage data). These include, especially, features to identify you, and information on commencement and termination plus extent of utilization of our offering. Where pseudonyms are used we are permitted, for the purposes of advertising, of market research and for designing our website according to needs, to create usage profiles out of these. You are entitled to object to this use of your data. We are not permitted to, and will not, compile the usage profiles using data about the bearer of the pseudonym. 

Data transfer and logging for system-internal and statistical purposes

On technical grounds your Internet browser automatically transmits data to our web server when you access our website. These data include, among others, date and time of access, URL of the referring website, retrieved file, quantity of transmitted data, browser type and version, operating system, plus your IP address. These data are stored separately from other data that you enter while using our offering. It is not possible for us to trace back these data to any one person. These data will be analysed for statistical purposes and subsequently deleted after 7 days at the latest.

Data forwarding to third parties

As far as CEDROS uses third-party companies during data processing in order to fulfil contractual obligations in your regard (so-called data processing on assignment), these third parties will be contractually bound, under compliance with data protection provisions and in line with our instructions, to deal with your data carefully and neither use them for their own purposes nor forward them to third parties. In addition, data will be forwarded only on the basis of legal stipulations. By order of competent state bodies we will be obligated, in individual cases, to provide information about stored transactions and usage data, as far as this is required for purposes of criminal prosecution, for the deflection of risks, or for the assertion of intellectual property rights. In addition, we will transmit personal data only with your express consent.


In order to broaden the functional scope of our Internet offering and to make usage more convenient for you, we use so-called “cookies.” Cookies are small text files containing configuration information, which are deposited on your computer and are stored by your browser. The cookies are automatically deleted as soon as the browser is closed (so-called session cookies). With the aid of these cookies, data can be stored on your computer when our website is called up. You have the option to prevent cookies being saved on your computer via corresponding settings in your browser. The functional scope of our offering may be restricted as a result of this, however.

Data usage for promotional purposes

CEDROS will use your data only within the scope of contract formation and for purposes of contract fulfilment, for customer advice and support, and for our own product design as needed. You can send a written or e-mailed objection to the use of your phone number or address for promotional purposes for CEDROS’ own offerings or for market research to CEDROS at any time. Your personal data will not be forwarded to third parties for promotional purposes unless you have given your consent first.

Back-up measures to protect data stored with us

As far as we collect personal data, these will be stored on specially protected servers in Germany. Access to them is possible only by specially authorized persons, providing technical, commercial or editorial support. In order to prevent loss or misuse of the data stored at CEDROS, we take comprehensive technical and operational precautions that are regularly reviewed and adjusted to technological progress.


Links to other providers’ websites can be found on our website, that is, you are forwarded directly from our website to their websites. Among other things, you will recognize this by the change of URL. In this context we are unable to assume any responsibility for the confidential handling of your data, as we have no influence on ensuring that these companies comply with data protection stipulations.

Right to information

As a user of our Internet offering, you have the right to ask us for information about the data stored concerning your person. We will be happy to let you know at any time, at your request, whether and what data from you are stored with us. In the event that, despite our endeavours to have the correct and current data, incorrect data are stored with us after all, we will correct these without delay at your request. In the event that you wish the stored data to be deleted, this also will be performed without delay at your request.

Do you have any questions about Data protection?

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