All of our projects start equaly: With Anticipation and Excitement.

We just recently launched our new web page. We really like the result of the German version. To make sure we will also have such a nice page for the English version we are currently busy creating them carefully. This will take a few more days. 

Until then you can browse through the German version and come and visit us again soon to take a look at our brand new English version, too.

We have been operating in the market for 25 years

cedros is already existing for 25 years. Within these 25 years we closed every project with success. We think, this works so well, because we concentrate on our values again and again: Quality and loyalty. The customer is always the center of our work and a project it only completed when the customer is content.

We think holistically

We have our sight on the big picture. We consider our project embedded in your structures and processes. Hence we think beyond the limits of our projects. This results in solutions that not only work precisely but also support you in achieving your objectives.

We operate flexible

Our experience shows that there may occur unforeseen events in projects. Processes are always in motion and requests may change. We meet those turns with highest flexibility and one consistent objective: your success.

We have a powerful staff

Deep trust in our values is what is shared by our employees too. Besides the customers they are the most valuable part of our company. Every employee has many years of experience in software development and architecture. We work in the same team for many years - we well know and appreciate each other. This trust between the colleagues has also a positive effect on the quality of your projects' implementation.

We just love what we are doing.

What you can expect from us


Only what perfectly fits provides the best results. Our consultation and solutions are individually tailor-made for our customers. In this way we reach high satisfaction rates, efficient projects and sustainable, long-term maintainable results.


We are tempted by challenges. Our company structures enable us to work flexibly and creatively. In this way we find the best solution for each problem, however complex this problem may be.


We always want to provide best results. Our sense of quality is extremely high. This leads to precise implementation and innovative results.


Our customers, employees and partners are of outmost importance to us. Reliable and personal communication is simply a matter of course for us.

We are looking foreward to running a project with you.

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